PFCS Corporation proudly offers services in the following areas of expertise:

Unix Systems and Server Administration

PFCS Corporation has extensive experience and expertise with a variety of Unix and Unix-like operating systems for servers and workstations, including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, a wide range of Linux distributions, and nearly every type of Unix since AT&T’s Version 7 release. PFCS Corporation remains committed to the development and usage of free and¬†Open Source software.

Infrastructure Architecture

Infrastructure architecture needs vary both by company and product. Our deep technical knowledge affords us the ability to meet a broad array of needs in relation to our clients’ infrastructure architectures. Most significantly for our clients, PFCS works to ensure that clients have the proper level of infrastructure architecture for supporting enterprise-level solutions. With the appropriate information architecture in place, clients may cost effectively

  • tell a machine to reboot and install a specific version of an OS with a specific set of tools and users
  • provide the versions of each tool necessary to building, testing and validating old, current and new releases of any product on a diverse collection of platforms
  • track and use different versions of third-party software
  • ensure development and Q/A processes pass ISO 9000/9001 certification

Core needs met by PFCS typically involve a revision control system (for both source code, as well as system configuration information), an issue tracking system, a collaboration wiki and maintaining the correct time on networked computers.

We also assist clients in developing and managing tools to monitor and track systems performance.

Collaboration Tools

As a result of over a decade’s experience with a number of different team collaboration tools on both our own internal projects and with a variety of different clients, we’ve seen the tremendous benefits that can be had from a well-designed and -implemented wiki, often combined with an issue tracking system and/or mailing list software. We will work with your team to develop a clear understanding of your problems and goals. Once we have a clear picture of your needs, we design, implement, and train you in using a comprehensive system that addresses your problems and helps you achieve or exceed your goals.

Network Time Protocol

PFCS Corporation’s principal consultant, Harlan Stenn, has been working with NTP since 1992. In 1996 he became the lead maintainer of NTP, and from there became NTP’s Release Engineer and Project Manager. ¬†Working with select NTP Project developers, PFCS provides clients customization and consulting for a variety of NTP and Network Time-related efforts.